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What did the pupils think?

Quotes from pupils

Primary Pupils

"I was really excited about meeting German children and seeing what it is like at their school. I made four friends there."
Olivia, Year 6

"We went to the Museum of Berlin and I learnt lots of history."
Liam, Year 6

"We made Christmas cards with the German pupils. They wrote 'Merry Christmas' and we wrote 'Frohe Weihnachten'."
Thomas, Year 6


"Our trip to Berlin has been one of the most beneficial trips I have ever been on - it also fuelled my interest in learning German tenfold. I enjoyed having the responsibility of looking after the Year Six students as I have never had a responsibility like that before. I found it more encouraging to want to continue German next year and thereafter."
Izora, year 11

"I found the Berlin trip and being a mentor incredible. Teaching the children German really helped my language skills and has made me interested in looking in to studying German in the future."
Aoife, year 11