Sports day in Germany


Is sports day in Germany the same as in the UK? Find out here!

Did you know ...?

  • Sports day in Germany is a mixture of serious sports and fun races, just like in the UK.
  • There aren't usually any parents' races.
  • Kids can also take part in the Bundesjugendspiele, a kind of national sports day.
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What happens at sports day in Germany?

Sports day winners Sports day winners

Sporttag (sports day) is a big event for German kids. It usually includes lots of different events such as sprinting, long jump, throwing and swimming.

There are also crazy events, like an Eierlauf (egg-and-spoon race) or Wasserlauf (balancing a cup of water and running an obstacle course).

Parents don't usually take part in sports day, but they are very pround when their children bring home an Urkunde. Any guesses what that means?

An Urkunde is a certificate. All the children get one for taking part, and the winners get a special Ehrenurkunde (certificate of honour).

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Deutsch English
der Sport sport
der Sporttag Sports day
der Wettkampf competition
die Urkunde certificate
der Eierlauf egg and spoon race
der Wasserlauf race with kids balancing a cup of water