Mollys Schulwoche


Hier erzählt die Engländerin Molly von ihrer Schulwoche!

Kannst du verstehen, was sie schreibt?

Molly in der Schule Molly in der Schule

Hi! Let me tell you about my week at school. I go to a primary school in my home town, York, in northern England.

My favourite subject is Art. Our Art teacher looks like a rock star!

I also learn German at school. I think it's good fun - but most of all it helps me to speak to my German friend Max!

I don't like Maths because our teacher is so strict. I like Sports because we never get any homework!

My favourite day of the week is Friday! Why? Because it's the last day of the week and I have Art classes in the afternoon!

Here you can see my school timetable:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00- 09:45 Maths Literacy Numeracy German German
9:45- 10:30 History Literacy Numeracy Maths Maths
10:30- 10:45 Playtime Playtime Playtime Playtime Playtime
10:45-11:15 German German German English English
11:15- 12:00 Literacy Maths Literacy Technology Spelling
12:00- 1:15 Lunchtime Lunchtime Lunchtime Lunchtime Lunchtime
1:15- 2:00 Geography Sports Music Swimming Reading
2:00- 3:30 History Science Art Computer classes Art
3:40 Evening Classes Evening Classes Evening Classes Evening Classes Evening Classes

Wörter Ahoi! · Words Ahoy!

English Deutsch
school week die Schulwoche
primary school die Grundschule
favourite subject das Lieblingsfach
Art Kunst
teacher der Lehrer
it's fun es macht Spaß
strict streng
homework die Hausaufgaben
afternoon der Nachmittag
Maths Mathe
Literacy Lesen und Schreiben
German Deutsch
History Geschichte
Numeracy Rechnen
playtime Pause
Technology Technik
Spelling Rechtschreibung
lunch time Mittagspause
Geography Erdkunde
Sports Sport
Swimming Schwimmen
Reading Lesen