Dick Whittington


Part 1: The streets are paved with gold

Die Abenteuer eines Jungen und seiner Katze!

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Dick Whittington Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington lives in a small house with his mother and father. They live in the country. They are very poor.

Dick loves stories. His best friend tells him a story about a big city called London.

"In London, people are very rich," says his friend.

"Are they?" says Dick.

"Yes," says his friend. "The men are rich. The women are rich. The children are rich! The cats and dogs are rich. In London, the streets are paved with gold."

"I want to be rich," says Dick, "So I'm going to London!"

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Wörter Ahoi! · Words Ahoy!

English Deutsch
the country auf dem Lande
poor arm
rich reich
people die Menschen
streets die Straßen
paved gepflastert