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Are you looking for tips and help for setting up UK-German partnerships, detailed reports on successful projects, as well as the latest opportunities, funding and online resources? This page provides a brief overview of how UK-German Connection can support you.

Funding opportunities for schools

Are you looking for financial support for a project with your partner school in Germany? We offer a wide range of funding opportunities for bilateral projects, including:

  • Instant Impact- provides top-up grants for taster trips and first-time visits to Germany for young people.
  • WWI project fund - We have a new funding opportunity available for WWI related projects between schools in the UK and Germany
  • Challenge Fund - financial support for joint thematic projects between UK and German partner schools, including mutual visits
  • Challenge Fund - World of Work - a grant for schools undertaking work-related projects with a partner school in Germany
  • Partnerships in Learning provides support for joint thematic activities between UK and German partner schools, including mutual visits.
  • Celebratory Fund - a grant to help schools with a long-standing partnership school in Germany celebrate their link

    Please see our funding section for a full list of our funding opportunities.

Trips to Germany

We offer a variety of opportunities for pupils to visit Germany, either as individual or a school group. Take the stress out of organising your own school trips and see what we have to offer:

  • German Pupil Courses - for pupils in Year 10 & 12, where students stay with a host family and take part in exciting projects.
  • Scholarship programme - a four-week summer programme for gifted students of German in Year 12
  • Discover Germany - a 3-4 day taster trip to Germany for lower secondary pupils who have not had the opportunity to travel there previously.
  • Magical Christmas Trips - a four-day visit for primary school pupils and secondary school mentors.

Professional development for teachers

Looking to develop your skills as a teacher? We have some exciting professional development opportunities on offer!

  • Become a group leader on one of our German pupil courses and develop your teaching skills whilst immersing yourself in the German culture.
  • Host a German teacher for two or three weeks at no cost and gain a new insight into teaching methodology, share tips and ideas for MFL learning and discuss educational issues.

Looking for a partner school?

Have a look at our linking advice on how to find a partner school and ideas on how to keep your partnership alive!

Project ideas

Want to start a project with a German school but lacking inspiration? Take a look at examples of successful projects we've funded in our showcase section and get some ideas for your own!

Resources and materials

Take a look at our resources and materials page for links to free online resources for the classroom, magazines and information on how to order our starter packs containing flyers, information and a small selection of voyage materials for use as prizes.

the-voyage in the classroom

Our voyage website (for secondary pupils) and voyage-kids website (for primary pupils) contains information for young people about German culture and traditions, current opportunities, games, quizzes and activities to try out. Why not introduce your pupils to this and get them to try it out in lessons?

Online features preview

Take a look at our online features preview to see what resources will be coming up on our voyage and voyage-kids website! We have a wide range seasonal resources including games, articles and key words to use in the classroom. Resources are not online all year round, but you can find out when our resources will be online to help make your lesson planning that little bit easier!

Seasonal resources for secondary pupils

Seasonal resources for primary pupils

Health and safety

On our health and safety pages you will find important information and advice on child safety - during school trips or while surfing the internet.

Current opportunities and deadlines

Keep on top of our current opportunities and application deadlines by looking at our opportunities database and using our search tool to find programmes relevant for your school.


Keep up to date with our opportunities by signing up to our newsletter! It's a great way to find out about current funding opportunities and new resources for the classroom.



Take a look at examples of successful projects and visits to German schools and get some inspiration for your own projects.