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Host a Teacher - What next?

"The programme has allowed us to set up contact with a school that we expect to continue and grow into a long-term project. The visitor was a great ambassador for Germany, and motivated the children to find out more about German culture. The programme was free for us - few things this good come for free!"
(UK coordinating teacher)

Taking part in Host a Teacher can lead to so much more. Find out how you can build on the contact and take your activities a step further to offer your pupils even more authentic experiences!

Next steps for your partnership

Lots of useful tips to help you take your link to the next level, including practical guidance for visits and project ideas on our partnerships pages.

Funding for your projects

There are grants available for UK-German activities. Whether it's a planning visit, a pupil taster trip or a bigger project, If you already have some ideas for activities and would like to apply for financial support, have a look at our funding programmes.

Secondary schools

Primary schools

  • Take part in our Bears Project! With a set of resources and online features and a focus on joint Bears activities with a project partner school in Germany, Alex and Ben bring a fun and accessible international dimension to the primary school classroom.

  • The Magical Christmas Trips are four-day visits to Germany at Christmas time, giving primary and secondary pupils the chance to experience Germany's Christmas culture in a real-life setting!

Anything else we can do for you?

If you’d like to find out about other opportunities, have a look at our opportunities database.

To learn more or discuss your ideas with us, please contact us at info@ukgermanconnection.org or give one of the team a call on +44 (0)20 7824 1570.


"Our school felt that we had brought a piece of the world into the classroom by hosting the German teacher for 3 weeks. It encouraged our students to see things from a different perspective, preparing them to become good citizens." (UK coordinating teacher)