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Feedback from Group Leaders

Group leaders' impressions and experiences

"This has been one of the best projects I have been involved with in my long teaching career...As a teacher it was a fantastic opportunity to be immersed in German and has really refreshed my language and enthusiasm for teaching it. It was so uplifting to witness how much fun the pupils had whilst experiencing first hand some of what Germany has to offer." Phillipa, GPC Ortenburg 2019

"I am starting this new school year feeling inspired and refreshed, with a greater love for Germany and German culture than ever before and I am trying to persuade my headmaster to set up a sixth form exchange between my school and the German school, to offer my students the opportunity to experience so much history and culture first hand." Victoria, GPC Weimar, 2016

"I could not have wished to have been away with a more motivated and pleasant group of pupils nor to have worked with such a lively, efficient and inspired team of teachers at the school. It was a real privilege to have been the Course Leader." Hazel, GPC Mönchengladbach, 2015

"[Being Group Leader] was a fantastic opportunity for me as a German teacher to have to deal with any issues on my own (where I would normally have another English colleague with me) and it has certainly given me more confidence to take school trips abroad in the future." Claire, GPC Mönchengladbach, 2015

"I definitely think that this visit was useful for me professionally. Not only did I have another opportunity to practise and use my German, but also in the aspect that it was a visit to a part of Germany that I had never been to before. I feel that I was able to develop my knowledge whilst I was in Germany and that this will have a fantastic impact on my teaching in the future". Samantha, GPC Beeskow, 2013

"The course participants were all remarkably well behaved and eager to learn as much German as possible, I cannot fault their dedication to the course and willingness to participate fully in all lessons and excursions." Emma, GPC Alzey, 2011

"I would recommend taking part in this project to any teacher of German. Firstly, I gained a great deal from the experience personally – not only interacting with German teachers and experiencing a part of Germany which I have never visited before but also with the group of pupils from the UK, who were absolutely fantastic. Secondly, I had a lot of fun myself and this experience has helped my confidence when taking groups abroad." Anisa, GPC Cuxhaven 2010

"Once again 12 students had a culturally and linguistically rich experience that they will never forget; they, and I, have been very lucky to benefit from such a visit, and on behalf of all of the participants I would like to thank those at the UK-German Connection and the PAD for facilitating it." Stuart, GPC Wolfsburg, 2010

"The course offers a unique opportunity to work with pupils from all over Great Britain from a variety of state and private schools and working with a dozen bright, well-motivated students is sheer joy." Valerie, GPC Leverkusen, 2010

"I would like to say that this has been a great experience for me as a teacher, both in terms of having the chance to teach a group of very keen and able students, and as an opportunity for further professional development." Richard, GPC Meckenheim, 2009

"Ich bin der Meinung, dass alle Schülerinnen und Schüler große Fortschritte gemacht haben: sie haben keine Angst mehr auf deutsch zu sprechen, ihre Aussprache ist besser geworden und alle haben gesagt, dass sie den Kurs anderen Jugendlichen empfehlen würden... Ich fühle mich privilegiert, an diesem Kurs teilgenommen zu haben und ich möchte mich bei UK-German Connection und dem PAD herzlich bedanken." Stuart, GPC Wolfsburg, 2009