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Bad Kreuznach 2018 - and it's goodbye from us - auf Wiedersehen!!


Posted by Val, 02/09/2018

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Sadly this will be my very last blog entry. On our very last day everything went like clockwork, no delays or unforeseen holdups to keep us in Bad Kreuznach - Schade! Coach on time, plane on time, back to Heathrow on time - even our suitcases took the same flight and arrived quickly, which isn't always the case. The security staff did their best for us, keeping me and Uddam back so they could frisk us and double-check our hand-luggage for suspicious items, but we still had to go. What will I remember from this trip? The extremely high linguistic level of this year's participants for starters. All the voluntary homework that I had to mark - not quite so frequent in school. The constant good humour and excellent manners. I have heard that many of the German Gastgeschwistern have already been invited to visit Britain and stay with their partners - though I believe our jet-setting Isabel is more likely to meet her Gastbruder again in South Africa..I felt very proud of my British group from start to finish and I look forward to keeping in touch with them and to hearing of their excellent A-level / IB results and glittering careers in due course. I fully intend to keep in touch with my opposite number, Frau Glanzmann, and hope she will come and visit me in Yorkshire, God's own country. I shall also be keeping in touch with my Gastfamilie who made me feel so welcome at all times - kommt nach England, bitte! Thanks are due to hardworking Frau Kroll who hugely improved my knowledge of German history and so much more, and to Herr Petri, Stama's new headteacher, for his positive oversight of the whole venture. But I have to warn Bad Kreuznach, as Arnold Schwarzenegger almost said: " We'll be back!!!"

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