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Bad Kreuznach 2018 - our last day - NEIN!!!


Posted by Val, 02/09/2018

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We grit our teeth and make the best of it but we don't want to go home... well, it'll be nice to see the folks at home but how can we possibly leave the wonderful Gastfamilien and all the friends we've met here? So I cheer everyone up with a lesson on Konjunktiv I & II - the dreaded subjunctive! This doesn't phase Kitty at all, whose grammar teacher has, via Kitty, furnished me with several useful grammar explanations - besten Dank! Nevertheless everyone copes extremely well and chooses their favourites for future use in next year's A-level / I B exams. Then it's time for our final bilingual project session, as previously described, and posters are produced and photographed for posterity - er, for the UK-German Connection website that is. It's yet another fantastic sunny day so everyone heads off into Bad Kreuznach for the last time to take photos - my heron in the river Nahe flew off before I could snap it so I have an excuse to come back - buy last souvenirs & plan the celebrations for the Abschiedsfeier, the farewell bash at the school. Gastfamilien are busy preparing food, Frau Glanzmann is sorting out the room, I'm panicking. Why? if my group can't think of anything to do I'll look really silly. It's their responsibility but, like all teachers, I find it extremely hard to let go of the reins. Fortunately my Gastfamilie takes me for a wonderful farewell lunch at Da Vinci Italian restaurant - sehr lecker!!! - so I have little time to panic. Today's photo shows Jaz and Kate relaxing in the sunshine on Bad Kreuznach's old bridge.

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