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Bad Kreuznach 2018 - our last group excursion to marvellous Mainz!


Posted by Val, 02/09/2018

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After this afternoon there is only one more full day at Stama and we are scrupulously avoiding mentioning our looming departure... fortunately today is gloriously sunny - it's true what they say, the sun obviously does shine on the righteous - and we rush to the station to catch our train to Mainz. A stroll through the colourful market-place then it's off to the Gutenberg museum. A section exhibiting examples of ancient Asian printing proves extremely popular with some, while others prefer the many videos. But why was Queen Elizabeth allowed to turn the pages of the actual Gutenberg bibles (worth a small fortune - or maybe a very large one) while we have to just peer at them in a darkened room with a guard hovering nearby? T'ain't fair! It's hard to get Arthur and Kate out of the museum shop afterwards. The former is delighted to find a book showing the printed form of the alphabet for every known language, the latter just wants to buy everything and if she had €3000 or more that's exactly what she would do. Free time follows for the inevitable shoppen, though visits are also made to the spectacular Dom (cathedral), the Paulskirche (where Germany's first democratic constitution saw the light of day, the Old Town... and many Eiscafes. Has everyone tried Spaghettieis? A vital cultural delicacy for our gourmands - or should I say Feinschmecker? German always has a better way of saying things!

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