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Bad Kreuznach 2018 - gorgeous grammar first!


Posted by Val, 02/09/2018

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Today is yet another busy day. As per usual, Frau Kroll prepares us extremely well for our visit, giving full details of Mainz's history from Celtic settlements in pre-Christian times to Mainz's naming as federal capital in 1946. Her lesson also includes full information about Gutenberg the printer, probably Mainz's most famous citizen. The next two lessons should concentrate on complex grammatical structures for A-level - Jaz and I are ecstatic at the prospect! - but the rest of my group are afflicted with lazyitis so we opt to play a range of language games instead, from idioms to the use of colours to interrogatives to.... our favourite idiom is either "ich kann nur auf einer Hochzeit tanzen" - literally = I can only dance at one wedding but rendering the more prosaic English I can only do one thing at a time - or "er steht unterm Pantoffel" = he's henpecked (under the slipper). "Wie aus dem Ei gepellt" - as shiny as a peeled hard-boiled egg ie smartly dressed is unknown to all. Use of colours proves more challenging but it's reassuring to know that both Germans and Brits find annoying things "like a red rag to a bull" and on good days see the world "through rose-tinted glasses". Our photo today shows that whatever the challenge, my group will always come out on top.

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