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Funding and support for teachers

For many teachers, the extra work that goes with organising trips is a reason to avoid running them. Due to increasing costs, endless red tape and pupils' misconceptions, school exchanges are becoming less popular and harder to sustain.

At UK-German Connection, we value the importance of school partnerships and have a whole host of programmes, funding and services to help make organising intercultural trips and projects manageable, and keep these links thriving.

Teachers explain how UK-German Connection funding helped their schools:

"The financial support we were given made [our exchange] possible, as many of our students come from disadvantaged families and they would not be able to participate fully in covering the cost of the visits."

"The funding made it possible for us to meet and also encouraged our schools to be very supportive of the project."

Funding opportunities for schools

Are you looking for financial support for a trip or project with a partner school? Have a look at all of our funding opportunities for activities and visits to Germany.

Trips and courses to Germany

If organising a project isn't viable for you at the moment, take a look at our established trips and courses for pupils in Germany, such as our Discover Germany programme for secondary pupils, German Pupil Courses and German Scholarships Programme.

Host a Teacher

One way of providing an international experience for your pupils is to Host a German teacher! The impact of a native speaker in the classroom is second to none. Pupils benefit from linguistic support and cultural input whilst you continue your professional development by gaining a new insight into teaching methodology, sharing tips and ideas for MFL learning and discussing educational issues.

"Hosting a German teacher has brought out the best in the staff and pupils of our school. By discussing our own practice with a visitor, the staff become more aware of, and proud of, our work."

"A breath of fresh air - pupils were interested and intrigued, filled with new found enthusiasm and fun due to [our hosted German teacher's] personality, [and the prospect of] visits and exchanges."