Who are Max and Molly?


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Hello! I'm Molly! I live in York, a small town in North England. It has lots of very pretty, old buildings, like the famous cathedral.

I'm 8 years old. My hobbies are swimming, riding and reading. At school, I am the goalie in the school hockey team. I also play the violin. That is - I have just started. At the moment, it still sounds very out of tune!

My favourite TV programme is Blue Peter. The programme has been running for ages - and kids still love it.

My favourite food is fish fingers with baked beans - yum!

At school, we wear school uniform. I don't mind it at all. In fact I think it's quite good, as you never have to think about what to wear when you get up in the morning.

If I can persuade my parents, then we go down to London to the big toy shop on Regent's Street. In London, I also love the Natural History Museum. There are always tons of things to do for kids! In the museum's special children's laboratory, for example, you can dig up old bones and examine beetles!

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Hi, I'm Max and I'm 9 years old. I come from Hamburg, a city in the North of Germany. It has the biggest harbour in the whole country.

My favourite hobby is inline skating and I often meet my friends to try out new jumps and tricks. At school, I also play football. During our last tournament against Class 3a, I shot the winning goal! I also like playing computer games, my favourite one is about car racing.

Otherwise, I like reading and watching television. My favourite book is Emil and the Detectives and I like watching Peter Lustig, who is a famous German children's TV presenter. His programme is about all kinds of interesting things in nature and technology.

My favourite food is Wiener Würstchen, a kind of sausage, with vegetables, chips and lots of ketchup on top!

At weekends, I often go cycling with my parents, and in the summer we go on picnics. We often cycle down to the harbour and watch the ships come in. Last weekend, we even saw a ship all the way from China!

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