Ambassadors Projects 2016

A bi-national newspaper and blog to explore transcultural identities

Partnership: FLA Ambassadors Ann-Kristin and Karoline, and ELA Ambassador Kristan
Schools: The de Ferrers Academy, Gresham's School and Bertha-Krupp Realschule
Pupils involved: around 50 secondary pupils
Project theme: Transcultural identity and awareness - what does it mean to be British, German, and European?

Our project explored the theme of identity and culture and what it means to be German and British and, together, what it means to be European. The aim of the project was for the pupils of all schools to not just learn about the culture in the other country, but also to reflect on their own culture. To facilitate contacts between the pupils we set up a pen friend exchange, allowing the students to communicate with each other through letters and emails.

A lot of pupils, staff, parents and supporters of the school were aware of this wonderful opportunity and participants gained an authentic insight about each other's countries.

We also created a joint magazine, The English Times which was published on a monthly basis, and we were delighted to welcome contributions from all three schools.

Additionally, we set up a blog to publish our weekly work and joint discussions:

Happy reading!

Wir sind 2016 - We are 2016!

Partnership: FLA Ambassador Verena and ELA Ambassador Bethan
Schools: City of London Freemen's School and Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium
Pupils involved: Different years across school (UK) and 10. Klasse (Germany)
Project theme: History, identity, culture - looking at everyday life and how has this changed through time

The project Wir sind 2016 was a cross-curricular project dealing with the question "What does it mean to be a young person in Germany or the UK in 2016?“ The topics and ideas came from the students themselves and covered several different topics to do with everyday life and identity in both countries, such as history, sport, art, music and food.

Students wrote and sent each other e.g. questionnaires to investigate what British / German life is like for 'generation Z' (looking also at: usage of technology, time spent indoors/outdoors, clothing etc.). The aim was also to find out how this differs from their parents' experience of life in the year 2000 and whether parents noticed any changes over time.

The results were analysed and presented in form of a blog on eTwinning and eventually in form of a project book for each school.

We allocated 2-3 weeks for each sub-topic so we had a few weeks spare at the end of the year to produce the book to show our pupils what they've learnt, including how their expectations have changed and what they have enjoyed most.

Multiculturalism in Britain and Germany

Partnership: FLA Ambassador Hannah and ELA Ambassador Ciara
Schools: Swakeleys School for Girls and IGS Badenstedt
Pupils involved: Group of twenty 16-18 year olds
Project theme: Identity and different cultures within German and UK society

Our project was about identity and the different cultures that exist in the UK and Germany. To raise an initial interest for our German/British Clubs, we started off with a parcel exchange followed by creating a friendship book for the pupils to introduce themselves, and to tell their friends about their culture and customs.

In order to really kick-start the thinking process about their own identity and culture, pupils were asked to create a mind map. This triggered some really interesting questions which were sent to the group in the other country. Their answers were recorded and uploaded on eTwinning. We also planned videos about the refugee situation and Brexit.


"While I indeed improved my presentation skills, time management and so on, the most important part was to have something that was my personal project, which made me feel more useful at the school." (Tim, FLA Ambassador)