Testimonials from past Ambassadors

Find out here what past Language Assistants said about their experience of being a UK-German Connection Ambassador

What did you learn from your year as an Ambassador?

  • “I have gained a lot of valuable experience for future interviews and job applications, for example in project and time management, finance management and personal enterprise.” (UK Ambassador, 2017-18)

  • "I have learned how to lead and manage a small project and I have also learnt more about the German culture through the eyes of the students. It has also helped me to feel more involved in school life here." (UK Ambassador, 2018-19)

  • "Meine Kommunikation mit anderen hat sich auf jeden Fall verbessert. Aber auch das Planen und Vorbereiten von Material für die Schüler hat sich verbessert." (German Ambassador, 2014-15)

  • “I have learned how important cultural exchange is in the current language learning climate. It doesn't come down to being able to speak a language well but also being interested in the culture, people, way of life etc.” (UK Ambassador, 2017-18)

  • "I have learned to be more confident in my skills, when organising and planning projects. I have learned more about British culture and have built more personal relationships with some of the students, making me more at home in the school." (German Ambassadors, 2018-19)

  • “I feel I have learned how to incorporate authentic language material into the foreign language classroom. This way the students were more motivated and keen to speak and write German. Through my participation in this programme I improved my communication and organisational skills.” (German Ambassador, 2017-18)

  • "Leading the project has helped me grow in confidence, as well as brought me into contact with teachers I otherwise might not have worked with. It gave me a proper role within the school in that both students and teachers became more aware of who I was, and what I could offer - namely, authentic information about Britain." (UK Ambassador, 2016-17)

  • "Ein Projekt mit motivierten Kindern durchzuführen und eine Deutsch-AG anzubieten, war die beste Erfahrung als Sprachassistentin für mich. Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß dabei, was für mich einen besonders wichtigen Aspekt dargestellt hat." (German Ambassador, 2014-15)

  • "I think I have grown in confidence and leadership skills. Working closely with a group of young people requires you to keep them on track a lot of the time, which is important in a leader/teacher." (UK Ambassador, 2016-17)

  • “The project has opened my eyes to the importance of and the current situation regarding language learning. I learned more about what my role as an ELA could be.” (UK Ambassador, 2017-18)