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Cultural Exchange Ambassadors

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Leading bicultural projects, and creating connections between UK & German schools

Are you an English Language Assistant based in a school in Germany? Do you want to enhance your Language Assistantship and gain valuable project management skills? Are you interested in meeting German assistants in UK schools and creating a cultural connection between your two schools?

The application process for the Cultural Exchange Ambassadors programme 2019-20 is now open!

Apply for our Ambassadors Programme!

Important: Before applying you should:

  • read the following information very carefully
  • look at our project showcase pages to get a feel for the programme and what the role involves
  • speak with your mentor teacher and your school to make sure they support your application. Specific advice for schools can be found here.

General information about the programme

Cultural Exchange Ambassadors are English & German Language Assistants working in the other country. The programme provides them with the opportunity to meet each other, partner up and run bilateral projects together.

With the current challenges facing German language learning in the UK, it's more important than ever to bring language lessons to life and provide students with the opportunity to connect meaningfully with their peers in the other country, whilst discovering a new culture!

What do Cultural Exchange Ambassadors do?

  • run small joint projects, activities, events or clubs in order to inspire and motivate young people in their schools for the language and culture of the other country
  • enable young people to have direct, meaningful contact with young people in the other country and make lessons come to life through active involvement in joint projects with their peers
  • run at least one project within their school or in conjunction with other schools in the area

What is a project?

  • Bilateral – projects should be run with a partner Ambassador from the other country, or with an existing partner school
  • Address themes that are of educational value, as well as interesting and relevant for pupils
  • Can be as long or as short as you like! You could run a project for the whole course of your assistantship, or just for a day (e.g. a project day!)

When & where do you meet the other Ambassadors?

Seminars & costs

UK-German Connection offers two seminars and ongoing support for your project throughout your assistantship. All Ambassadors must be able to attend both seminars.

The first, introductory seminar will take place in London from 22 to 24 November 2019 and provide a platform for Ambassadors to meet and plan projects together. The Evaluation Seminar will take place in May 2020, and give Ambassadors the opportunity to share their experiences, present their projects and evaluate the programme.

UK-German Connection covers all the costs for both seminars, including travel, accommodation and subsistence, and also provides a small project fund for activities. Participants pay a small contribution of £25 / €30 ahead of the first seminar.

Who can apply?

You can apply if you:

  • are currently employed as an English Language Assistant (from the UK) at a school in Germany for the school year 2019-20 (German Language Assistants in the UK, please see details and application form here)
  • have the time, interest and commitment to run at least one bilateral activity for your pupils, be an active member of this network and attend both seminars
  • have the support from your school to take part in the programme and attend both seminars (direct them here for more information)

English Language Assistants who are at their schools in Germany only until February are eligible to apply for this programme but should be able to attend the evaluation seminar in May.

What skills and competencies are expected?

You should consider applying to be an Ambassador if you:

  • are enthusiastic about enhancing UK-German youth relations
  • have an interest in developing and running projects within your school
  • are able to work on your own initiative as well as within a network
  • are committed, reliable, open and flexible
  • possess good organisational skills
  • have good communication skills and intercultural awareness

Why should you apply?

You will learn a whole host of skills throughout your time as a UK-German Cultural Exchange Ambassador. Running your own project is extremely rewarding, whilst also building up valuable skills for your future career...

  • Enhance your Language Assistant role and wider impact within your school
  • Learn and improve project management, time management, organisational and negotiation skills
  • Strengthen your intercultural competence and communication skills
  • Become a member of a dynamic network of like-minded people

Find out more about what past Ambassadors said here and get inspired!

How to apply

  • Fill in our application form outlining your motivation and experience (please take note of the guidelines and terms & conditions)

  • Download a copy of your application form for your own reference

  • Please ask your mentor teacher to send a short email to ambassadors@ukgermanconnection.org to confirm that they are aware of and support your application. The email should include a brief outline of how your activities will be embedded in school, and how the school will make use of and support your activities as an Ambassador to advance your pupils' learning.

The application deadline for 2019-20 is Thursday, 17 October 2019.

Applications will be assessed after the deadline, and we will contact you by the end of October 2019 to notify you of the outcome of your application.

Project themes for 2019-20

The overarching theme for this year's projects is 'Sustainability'. All Ambassadors will be encouraged to focus elements of their bilateral project on this theme. Projects could zoom in on any number of smaller sub-themes related to sustainability, such as:

  • the impact of our everyday choices (e.g. food, fashion, transport)
  • building more sustainable cities, spaces and public buildings
  • the importance of protecting our local areas (coastal regions, urban areas)

Examples and guidance will be provided at the introductory seminar, but Cultural Exchange Ambassadors are also encouraged to develop their own ideas and activities on the theme of 'Sustainablility', and to think of ways to make these themes engaging for their pupils.

In 2020, a potential thematic youth seminar may be offered for Ambassadors and their pupils, building on the theme of 'Sustainability'. Interested Ambassadors from both countries would have the opportunity to attend with a number of their pupils (who participate in the project) and take part in thematic discussions, workshops and excursions as well as showcase and progress their projects.

All applicants will be asked to confirm at application stage whether such an event would be of interest to both them and their school.

N.B. Taking part in this additional seminar is not an obligation of the programme.

Project support

The Cultural Exchange Ambassadors programme is carried out with the support of the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst, the British Council and the Goethe-Institut. You can find more information on the language assistants programme on their websites:

Contact us

If you have any questions, or would like further information about the programme, please contact us:

Email: ambassadors@ukgermanconnection.org
Tel: +44 (0)20 7824 1572



Ambassadors deep in project-planning discussions

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