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The global workplace

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How well-prepared are young people for the future of the global workplace? Two schools are using their new UK-German partnership to find out about future jobs that do not even exist yet!

Who: Chryston High School, Lanarkshire & Otto-Graf Realschule, Leimen
Participants: 25 British and 25 German pupils (travelling)
Age: 14-15 years
Grant received: Challenge Fund World of Work

Happening Right Now!

With support from our Challenge Fund – World of Work, pupils from Chryston High School in Glasgow and the Otto-Graf Realschule in Leimen (near Heidelberg) began working together on a project on the globalising nature of international companies.

Last summer, they started looking at how technology will impact the workplace and employment in the future. They’ve taken part in a careers fair that focuses on combining language skills with other subjects, prepared CVs, and researched job adverts. The project will span different subjects in school to look at different employability skills and conclude at the beginning of the next school year with both visits. By keeping a reflective journal, they will detail their experiences and share these with their partner group.

In both Scotland and Germany, the groups will visit global engineering companies together. Local businesses are very keen to work with the young people, with more employers coming on board every week.

With a day’s work experience in local companies in both countries, the pupils will have the opportunity to interview employees or employers about the skills and qualities that they will require of new employees in the future. Their updates and project outcomes will be ready to share soon! No doubt the young people will increase their confidence in their future career opportunities!