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Young Europeans Award

"To be or not to be... a European" was the theme of this year's Young Europeans Award.

The deadline for submissions has now passed.

However, if your school is involved in any activities on this theme, we'd love to hear about them!

What is the Young Europeans Award?

This initiative aims to encourage dialogue and exchange between young people in the 'Weimar Triangle' countries - Germany, France and Poland. For the 2017-18 round, the UK was invited to take part as a guest country.

Teams of young people from within schools in Germany, France, Poland and the UK were invited to enter the competition (with support from their school) with a creative project of their choice on the theme: 'To be or not to be...a European'.

The Award – a unique European experience

This year's winning project is Three countries, six languages, one project: the Weimar Triangle on stage.

The winning team will visit the Polish capital, Warsaw this September to present their project to the jury members and politicians during the award ceremony.



The Young Europeans Award started under the patronage of the three former Ministers of Foreign Affairs and in the framework of the Weimar Triangle and is organized through the cooperation of the following institutions: Allianz Cultural Foundation, Hippocrène Foundation, Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation (SDPZ/FWPN), German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW/PNWM) and French-German Youth Office (DFJW/OFAJ), in cooperation with UK-German Connection (in 2017-18).


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