Involving younger pupils

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A great way to promote school partnership activities is to involve younger pupils to make them aware of future opportunities. Just because your UK-German activities are only open to KS4 pupils, it doesn't mean that KS3 pupils can't get involved!

Example activities

We've collated some of the best ideas for involving younger pupils in your school partnership activities. All suggestions are from young people themselves!

  • Assign a visiting German exchange student to a Year 7 pupil or form.
  • Ask younger pupils to give visiting German pupils a tour of the school.
  • Ask younger pupils to produce a video about the school and local area to send to your German partner school.
  • Integrate visiting pupils into lessons and extra-curricular activities. For example, KS3 pupils could teach them the basics of cricket during a PE lesson.
  • Ask younger pupils to create a treasure hunt or quiz for the visiting pupils from Germany.