Project topics

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Here are some examples of topics you can work on with your partner school or youth group, many of which are suited to young people of all ages. For more inspiration, check out our showcase section with real examples of putting theory into practice.

Please note that if you are applying for funding for a joint project, there should be evidence of sufficient discussion and collaboration between the two groups of young people.

Please familiarise yourself with the funding guidelines before making an application.

  • Culture and the arts
    Stage a play or musical together or organise a joint art exhibition.
  • Lifestyle and health
    Look at a 'day in the life of' with young people or organise a joint sports event.
  • Energy and the environment
    Design a recycling plant together, create clothing made of discarded materials for a 'trashion' show, or run a project on the local geography of the two areas
  • Citizenship and inclusion
    Run a local event to celebrate cultural understanding and diversity, sharing project outcomes with the wider community.
  • Europe
    Introduce political and societal topics to students by organising a debate based on current affairs.
  • STEM subjects
    Take on a project to co-design a new building, create a prototype for a new gadget or carry out scientific experiments and compare the results.
  • Business and enterprise
    Stimulate entrepreneurship by bringing students together to devise a product or service and set up their own company