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Once you have set up your partnership and introduced coordinators and pupils to one another, you're ready to start working on your first joint project together. We can facilitate collaboration between you and your partner with funding for joint projects and trips.

Initial starter activity ideas for new partnerships

Start off small and build on your partnership year by year. Smaller or virtual activities can also be less intimidating for young people who are apprehensive about visiting a partner school in Germany.

Our Youth Ambassadors have come up with some initial starter projects you could undertake with your new partner:

  • Email exchange
    Start off with a simple activity, by getting young people to introduce themselves to each other via email.
  • Letter or parcel exchange
    Add a more personal dimension by getting young people to exchange photographs, traditional gifts and things typical to your local area.
  • Skype club / class Skype session
    Allow young people to engage in real conversation and informal discussion using Skype.
  • Video exchange
    Pupils could create and send short videos which represent their life at school or local area in order to foster greater cultural understanding. Think about how these can tie in with curriculum topics, too!
  • Artistic exchange
    Get pupils to express their identity through art and send their work to your partner school.
  • Music playlist swap
    As a class, come up with a list of 10 interesting songs that you would like to share with your German partner school. They could write a blog about their favourites, and send some more in return!


"Opening up with smaller opportunities would be less daunting for students and would ease them into the process rather than immediately going to stay with an exchange partner that they don’t know." (Becky, Youth Ambassador)