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Seminars (Youth seminars and Ambassador networks)

This page is designed to give information on specific health & safety arrangements in place during our Youth seminars and Ambassador network seminars.

Please read the information below in conjunction with our Health & Safety Policy.

All seminars are run by UK-German Connection team members, who act as co-ordinators and group leaders, ensuring that all practical arrangements are in place, and are responsible for all aspects of the running of the programme. Team members are also DBS-checked and have received child protection training.

Participants will be supervised by the UK-German Connection team at all times during the seminars (with the exception of limited free time - see information in our Health & Safety Policy). As outlined in our Health & Safety Policy, all members of the UK-German Connection team carry an emergency pack containing special dietary requirements, medical and contact information for all participants. Please see our Health & Safety Policy for our procedures on medical issues and emergencies on our programmes.

Travel and Accommodation

For seminars in the UK, participants must organise their own travel to and from the seminar destination and should organise their own travel insurance. UK-German Connection organises supervised accommodation in a hotel, ensures that males and females are placed in separate rooms and are briefed on the health & safety procedures in place at the hotel. Participants must sign a code of conduct form in advance of the seminar, which outlines behavioural expectations. Participants will be sent home at their parent/guardian’s expense if this code of conduct is breeched at any stage.

For seminars in Germany, participants from the UK travel with the UK-German Connection team from London to the seminar venue. Participants must organise their own travel to London and their return journey from London. Participants from Germany should make their own travel arrangements to the seminar venue. Travel insurance is not covered by UK-German Connection and must be organised by individuals.

Participants must ensure that they have a valid passport and EHIC card when travelling to and from the seminars.

Seminar participants are required to submit the following health & safety-related information to UK-German Connection:

  • Member statement and signed code of conduct
  • Parental consent
  • Health & emergency contact details
  • Flight details (where necessary) and any other travel details for the journeys to and from seminar locations

Please read our Health & Safety Policy for information on medical issues and emergencies on our programmes.

Further programme details are available on our programmes page.