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Fit for a global world

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Global mobility is at its peak. Europe is full of possibilities and chances. But how can we grasp them? St. Columb's College Derry and IGS Langenhagen found their answers 'on the job.'

Globale Mobilität ist auf ihrem Höhepunkt. Europa ist voller Möglichkeiten und Chancen. Aber wie können wir diese wahrnehmen? St. Columb’s College Derry und IGS Langenhagen haben ihre Antworten beim Arbeiten gefunden.

Who: St. Columb's College Derry, Northern Ireland, and IGS Langenhagen, Hannover
Participants: 24 British and German pupils travelling
Age: 15-18 years
Grant received: Challenge Fund World of Work

Wer: St. Columb's College Derry, Northern Ireland und IGS Langenhagen, Hannover
Teilnehmer: 24 deutsche und britische Teilnehmer, die gereist sind
Alter: 15-18 Jahre
Förderprogramm: Challenge Fund World of Work

A kick-start for an international career

Connecting young people through languages and careers: this idea inspired a joint project between two schools from Northern Ireland and Germany with the slogan 'Going global - what it takes to live and work in a foreign country'. But how can we prepare for a global market and which skills do we need to succeed in a company abroad? On an exchange that involved placements within local companies abroad, the pupils developed crucial skills in authentic work contexts in both countries.

Tailored training for the right vocation: a teacher's résumé

"Our aim was to set up a new exchange link between St. Columb's College and a school in Germany and integrate a work placement into the exchange programme. We wanted to raise awareness of the importance of languages for the global economy as well as to allow students to gain experience in the world of work in a foreign country. We also wanted to make our young people aware of the opportunities that are open to them in another country - in particular opportunities in Germany."

Valuable experiences for life and work

"Besides the usual exchange programme, which requires meeting new people, practising each other's languages and immersing oneself in a different culture, the students engaged in a lot of project work together. They produced a lot of work in the form of diaries, presentations, interviews, displays, role plays and more. They spent three days on a variety of placements, getting to know different career paths, practising their language skills in real life situations and finally reflecting on their experience. Throughout all activities, students shared their knowledge and experience, supported each other and developed a deeper understanding of themselves and of each other."

Going global - grasping opportunities

The project increased the pupils' self-confidence and made them fit for the global market: "I think that this project has had a profound effect on my ability to communicate and my confidence when communicating. It has also motivated me to continue to learn my languages and to seek employment opportunities overseas in the future." At both schools the students presented the project at the careers fair, on open days and at parent information evenings. This invaluable experience inspired both schools to continue this link in the future as they started off as strangers and ended up as friends.


"It's shown me how interesting it can be to experience a completely different culture, and live with people that I have never met before."
(UK participant)